HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – With the school year drawing to a close, students at North Posey Junior High School are giving back to their community. Eighth grade students involved with the National Junior Honor Society donated fundraising money to various organizations across Posey and Vanderburgh Counties. One of those was the MAGIC (Making A Gigantic Improvement in Choices) after school program, which offers educational support for students between 2nd and 5th grades.

“It’s a wonderful surprise to come out and find 42 wonderful students on your driveway,” says MAGIC Director Donna Nash.

Some of the students delivering funds were once involved in MAGIC, and now give back by volunteering with the program at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Poseyville. Two of those students are Maelee Young and Blake Schmitt.

“They’ve helped me a lot,” says Young. “Like, I loved going there when we were little and I like helping there. So it’s good to see it go somewhere I know I enjoyed and I know those kids enjoy.”

After raising money through the year, students voted on organizations to receive donations, such as Habitat for Humanity and the Poseyville Kiwanis Club.

“We appreciate it because that money that they donated to us will be going back to the community and the kids in the community,” says Poseyville Kiwanis President Tom Snyder. Student Kayelee Wilson says, “You get to see people and like who’s behind it all, and they actually get to have some recognition about what they’ve done to help our community.”

“It definitely will make an impact for me when I get into college and I can still help people,” says student Ellason Martin.

For some students, the give-back is personal. Michaela Walden and Alyssa Rittichier both volunteer at Trotter House, which helps women dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

“Most of the stuff for the girls that are pregnant, it’s all free to them,” says Walden, “so it’s really nice to know that they can get the stuff they need.”

“I suggested that we donate to Highland Challenger League,” says Madalyn Nightingaile,
“because my little brother is affected by a mental disability called Fragile X, and this organization helps provide opportunities for kids with mental and physical disabilities to be able to be involved in athletics.”

Students felt a sense of pride being able to give back to groups that assist their community. Many students say they enjoyed seeing the recipients’ reactions when giving the donations.

“Seeing their faces, seeing how happy they are and how happy this is going to make other people,” says Rittichier.