HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT)-New plans proposed federal limits on harmful “forever chemicals” in drinking water that would limit the toxic chemicals to the lowest level that tests can detect. This toxic group of compounds is known as “PFA’s”.

In 2020, local officials learned that “PFA’s”, linked to health issued including low birthweight and cancer, were found in the groundwater in Henderson believed to be leaked by Shamrock Technologies.

Anthony Hatton, commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection says he understands residents concerns when it comes to their safety, “and that’s understandable that citizens are thinking is my ground water being impacted, the drinking water being impacted from the facility which has some significant levels of PFA’s in the ground water? I’ve tested that before.”

An accepted level of PFA’s is four parts per trillion, and according to Kevin Roberts, Director of Operations for Henderson Water and Utility, “What I can tell you on our drinking water side is that we are consistently under the four-part per trillion level.”

Henderson Water and Utility completes tests on their water every couple of weeks. Hatton maintains that they still have a job to do to ensure the safety of everyone.

For the full presentation from DeSherion McBroom you can view the video above.