EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) Vandals targeting city parks. It is not something new, but an incident earlier this week is causing concern among city leaders. Evansville Deputy Mayor Steve Schaefer shared his frustrations at today’s park’s board meeting.

“This type of activity is reoccurring,” Schaefer says.

Schaefer says a someone broke into the bathrooms at Vann- Pollack Park on Sunday night, cut the locks, shattered mirrors and left pieces of sinks and toilets on the ground.

“We secure the bathrooms every night. We routinely ask for the guardian to be out in parks where there is unwanted activity,” Schaefer says.

Vann-Pollack Park has baseball fields and a basketball court, which Schaefer says is hard for the board to maintain. To help, he says they have a land use agreement with an organization to upkeep the property.

Schaefer says the board is talking with the organization to find a way to prevent future vandalisms.

“It’s a two way street. It is a commitment for both the parks department and the public to make sure this type of stuff does not happen,” says Schaefer.