OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — Sept. 13 marks the birthday of a bluegrass hall of famer named Bill Monroe. The 4-day festival is held at Monroe’s childhood home, The Bill Monroe homeplace, and ends just before the singer’s birthday.

Monroe was a part of a group called the “Bluegrass boys.” Wayne Lewis, an original member of the group, performed with Joe Isaacs from the Isaacs, and John Rigsby for a one time performance.

The County Tourism director says people have traveled from Alaska and Hawaii to experience the music on “the ridge”. She says Monroe’s spirit lives on in the Rosine area.

“What was important to Bill was God, his family and his music. When you come to the museum and you tour the Rosine area, you get that feeling that bill’s still present here. If these trees could talk, how much music have they heard on the ridge,” said Jody Flener.

Monroe would have been 112 years old this year.