BEAVER DAM, Ky. (WEHT) — A family is still searching for answers after a woman has been missing for more than a year. 39-year-old Sheila Henderson was last seen on Mother’s Day of 2022.

“We really miss her, especially them boys,’ said Rebecca Phelps, Sheila’s mother.

On July 26  of that same year, deputies at the Ohio County Sheriff’s Office were notified by Henderson’s family that the mother of two hadn’t  been seen or heard from in almost two months.

“She just didn’t want pictures taken of her when she was here, but she didn’t realize—well, we didn’t realize that was gonna be the last time that we go to see her,” said Phelps.

It’s believed that Henderson was last seen being dropped off by a friend in the 200 block of N. Lafayette St.  in Beaver Dam, Ky..

Her mother says her daughter not dropping by to pick up the mail tipped her off that something may be wrong. It’s been almost a year and a half, and without much information uncovered, they’re seeking help from Private Investigations For the Missing. 

Private Investigations For the Missing is a non-profit that aims to provide families of missing persons with investigators at no cost. 

“A friend of mine on Facebook sent it to me, and that’s the best thing [I’ve] ever done,” said Phelps.

Lou Barry, the non-profit’s case manager, says the process to find a good fit for cases can be difficult. 

“I like to find one that has prior law enforcement [experience.] You know [at] a federal, state or local level. As well as, some type of investigative police experience.. that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re gonna be a good private investigator nor does it mean someone without those qualifications is not,” said Barry.

The family says they’ve been working with their assigned detective for around 4 months, and Barry says he’s pleased with their choice of investigator.

“When I looked at her qualifications and spoke to her, I felt she would be a real good fit for this particular case. I think it was a good call, to be honest with you. I think she’s done a very, very good job,” said Barry.

All staff are volunteers, and private investigators are paid at a discounted hourly rate plus expenses. Officials say the entire nonprofit runs on donations from the public.

If anyone has any information, the non-profit is encouraging the public to call their personal tip line at 866-331-6660.