DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WEHT) – People are coming together in western Kentucky in many different ways. One man travelled from northern Ohio to help victims with their emotional distress. He calls himself “The Cowboy.” He has set up in a gas station parking lot with signs inviting people to share their stories. From sunrise to after dark, he is outside lending an ear.

“I’ve fallen in love with this community because I’m right here on the corner where most of the debris is, the most traumatized people,” said David Graham, known as “The Cowboy.” “And they’re finally talking to me, which is what this is supposed to be. Stop and talk. People need to talk and they need to know somebody cares and they need to know that it’s safe. They don’t want to be drama, they don’t want to be sympathized. I come here just before Christmas and I see the best of human side so I get to take that to my family.”

Graham says he has had dozens of people stop by each say to talk. He said he encourages more people to come and share their experiences.