OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — “We’re committed to the community and uh we wanna ensure that the art museum will be here forever, literally forever,” said James F. Naas, PhD., the Board of Directors Chairman.

It’s been over 2 years since the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art began its “Campaign For The Future”.

“We talked about needs for operational expenses, and we talked about the needs that we had to maintain these incredible historic buildings that are part of our campus,”said Naas.

The museum is utilizing $2.3 million to begin implementing new changes to the facility.

On Frederica Street, a new electronic sign was installed. The sign was donated by the Michael E. Horn Family Foundation.

“We’re changing and building and redoing the front of this building so that there’s an entrance here. So, it looks more welcoming. It looks more available to the community,” said Naas.

A $1 million permanent donation was made on behalf of Dr. and Mrs. R. Wathen Medley, Jr.; The John Hampden Smith House has been renamed in their honor.

“It was an incredibly wonderful gift for us. The other gifts are to maintain the many programs,” said Naas.

Current improvements include repairing damaged bricks and repainting roofing, shutters and exterior walls.

The Medley Decorative Arts Wing houses the pre-20th century collection, and officials say they hope to finish all construction by late fall 2023.