HENDERSON COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT) – The Cairo Volunteer Fire Department wants to keep you safe while charging your phone or electronic devices.

The Corydon Civil Defense Fire & Rescue Squad responded to a 911 call for a cell phone fire inside a residence on Wednesday. Officials say the fire was out when firefighters got to the scene. Reports say the cellphone battery appeared to have overheated and caught fire while being charged.

While your texts may be on fire, the department wants to help prevent your phone from catching fire.

Officials offer some tips to help prevent cell phone or tablet fires:

  • When charging your electronic device keep them away from all water and wet locations
  • Never lay a charging electronic device on a couch, mattress, pillow or other flammable surfaces
  • Keep an eye on the device while it charges to ensure there is no excessive heat
  • Only use factory supplied, undamaged chargers
  • Never charge your device in a hazardous area
  • Never leave a device charging when you leave the house