POSEY COUNTY, Ind. (WEHT) – What began in June of 2022 culminated with early morning wake up calls and several arrests in Operation Last Dance, a reference to investigator Kenneth Rose, who is conducting his final drug bust after 45 years of service.

“Get in there, arrest these people, find drugs, what have you,” says Rose during a pre-arrest briefing.

Representatives from multiple agencies teamed up to serve arrest warrants across Posey County. Eyewitness News was on the scene as officers arrested Erica Higgins on several meth-related charges.

According to Posey County Sheriff Tom Latham, Operation Last Dance focused on a rising methamphetamine issue in the county, leading to 22 arrests.

“This is a simple reminder that it’s still here, and unfortunately it’s going to remain,” explains Sheriff Latham. “And we’ll keep fighting the fight, that’s all we can do.”

Sheriff Latham describes raids like these as emotional roller coasters for law enforcement, further complicated by the presence of children.

“Once that target is apprehended,” says Latham, “you do kind of get that relief. Then all of a sudden you’re back up again because there’s a child. As a parent, you emotionally are cycling that through your head, ‘my gosh, what has this child seen?’. Now they’re seeing their parents or relatives being taken into custody.”

Latham goes on to say, “It’s unfortunate that a lot of these drug dealers have a business sense of mind, a business sense, within themselves. And they could be productive within our society, but instead they choose to take the easy way out.”