OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — The Owensboro Public School District has received their 2023 Kentucky School Report Card.

The report card provides information about each school and district’s test performance, teacher qualifications, student safety and much more. Unlike the typical report card, The Kentucky Board of Education utilizes colors, instead of letters, to track progress.

“Blue is the highest. We’re very proud to have several of those throughout the district,” said Monica Rice, the District Assessment Coordinator for Owensboro Public School District.

School officials say this is the first year that ‘change’ has been apart of the accountability system.

“We’ve got red, orange, yellow, green and blue. The colors line up with significantly decreased all the way up to significantly increased. The system is different this year, because it takes that status of our performance and then it also takes the changed and it combines them,” said Rice.

14 of the 17 indicators in elementary schools were either green or blue.

Owensboro High School was green or blue in four of the six indicators.

“When you look at the Owensboro Independent School report card for the whole district, that does include Owensboro High School and our alternative school. We do have some orange there, and we have put some plans into place for our alternative school to really make improvements [in] intentional focus and planning to help students increase their performance.” said Rice.

Owensboro High School exited Additional Targeted School of Improvement (ATSI) status, and Estes and Faust Elementary both exited Targeted School of Improvement (TSI) status.

These are federal classifications that require the district to make improvements in certain areas to close achievement gaps.

Moving Forward, the school system plans to continue to monitor students engagement, instructional practices and work on vertical alignment.

“From the elementary schools, to the middle schools, to the high school and just making sure that we are looking at student growth from preschool all the way to graduation,’ said the district assessment coordinator.