OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — On Monday, Owensboro Police say a man was shot twice in the leg, after a verbal argument with a person at the H.L. Neblett Community Center’s basketball court.

“It appears that the victim and the suspect know each other. The victim was playing basketball and him and this suspect exchanged words, in a verbal argument, when the subject produced a gun and fired two shots into the victim’s leg,” said Dylan Evans of OPD.

Officials say the victim survived but was taken to the hospital for treatment. Police say they are still looking for the suspect and have no doubt that people know the person’s identity who fled the scene.

Neblett Center officials say recreational activities have been suspended until further notice, while daycare services continue to be provided.

Brandon Mattingly is an Owensboro resident of 36 years and attended the community center as a child. His three children also attended the center in their youth.

“I trust the Neblett Center. I know that they’re gonna do a great job about implementing security steps and whatnot, but I really hope that maybe some mental health professionals kind of get involved here — and see if we can do a better job about mental health assessments. There has to be a reason why a person…that should never be a go to response,” said Mattingly.

The center released a statement saying the physical and mental health of the children is their top priority, and as a result, are offering counseling to those impacted by this week’s event.

Alfreda Thompson – Williams says she grew up at the center, has been a part of Morning Joe, and is a volunteer in several capacities. Morning Joe is a program, held at the center, where the community can eat donuts, drink coffee, and have conversations about the city’s happenings. It was canceled on Tuesday due to recent events.

“I got a phone call. I was in my house when someone said all of this stuff was going on in the center. I went back to my room, and I prayed, and I shook my head. It’s like this is not happening. The Neblett Center has always been a safe haven,” said Williams.

Williams says the incident is unfortunate. She pledges to be a mentor to the youth in any way she can, so the center can return to its full operations of “changing lives in changing times”.

“The Neblett center is a safe haven for children who want to go to the community center –number one to get out of this heat, to play, to have organized sports, to have games, even a meal..to be around positive men and women. The center is still a great place,” said Williams.