The great Christmas Light Fight returns to ABC for its second season. This time an Owensboro family is featured.

Tina Stein is live outside the Lashbrook family home.

The Lashbrooks have been going big with the decorations for 22 years. They make it a family tradition with all hands on deck. This display took 500 man-hours with three miles of extension cords. ABC’s the great Christmas Light Fight took notice and will introduce the country to the Lashbrooks tonight.

“1, 2, 3, yeah!”

It’s a display long familiar to families in Owensboro.

“For years, we come by here with about 500 people every night to come and enjoy the lights, you can see the lights from the main road. We call them affectionately the Griswalds.”

Those lights will now glisten on national television.

“Support this family and their chance to win $50,000.”

The Lashbrooks will compete in tonight’s episode of the Great Christmas Light Fight. A spot they scored after watching it last season.

“I thought it was a great idea, I said we could compete in this and so we got on the show.”

Their two decades of decorating will be put to the test judged by host Sabrina Soto.

“Every display is different, I’m just looking for something to blow me away and I’m also looking for a family that really has the Christmas spirit because you could put a million lights on a house, but if you don’t bring the whole package, you’re not gonna win.”

Ten different scenes line the Lashbrook’s stonegate yard. Most are custom made. And tons of lights too many to count.

“Can’t decide how many, we blew a transformer. seven years ago we had 300,000 lights at that time, and we’ve lost count, so don’t know for sure.”

“Every year we add something or change something and make it better, so just the fun of it, get it better.”

“We tell all our friends to come out and get out of their cars, walk along and check it all out.”

Dozens of neighbors friends and family members stood outside for hours waiting to cheer on the Lashbrooks.

“Deck the halls…”

As did the Daviess County High School choir. All without initially knowing exactly what was being filmed.

“I guarantee you’ll see an amazing light show.”

“Where’s the house?”

Triple threat productions filmed four times with the Lashbrooks and recruited this crowd for the big reveal. Something that requires multiple camera angles and a little acting.

“Let’s try a few oohs and ahhs. Ooh, ahhhhh!”

The Lashbrooks will face three other families on WEHT. The winner takes home 50,000 dollars. Money Jeff Lashbrook says is needed to cover his kids’ college tuition.