OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT)– The two stacks that stood tall for decades on the eastside of Owensboro came down with a bang! Final preparations were underway to implode the two stacks at the Elmer Smith Station early Sunday morning.

“A lot of people have described it as the cloud maker. There has been a lot of interest. When we talk about it changing the landscape of Owensboro, it truly is,” says Sonya Dixon, the OMU Communications and Public Relations Manager.

Dixon says the historical roots run deep. The plant began powering homes in 1964 when the first unit went online. 10 years later, it was able to power even more households when a second unit went online.

“Every time you turned a light on, or you went to put something in your microwave or tuned on the tv. That plant was responsible for getting the power in your home,” Dixon says.

Its power went dark when the utility company decided to close the doors in 2020. Over the years, the stacks have become a landmark for those driving through the city.

“They knew they were getting close to Owensboro when they saw those lights on the top of the smoke towers,” she says.

Dixon says the implosion will help them remember the generations of plant workers.

“I think of this as a moment where we can commemorate the service and employees who worked there. Without them we would have not had this rich history,” she says.

Officials say nearby neighbors may hear a loud bloom and feel shaking with the implosion occurs around 8, Sunday morning. They also say there will be sirens to notify people right before it happens and after it occurs.