Owensboro preschool offers students learning on the lawn


OWENSBORO, Ky., (WEHT) — Classes are now underway in the Tri-State. School looks a bit different this year whether students are back in the classroom or are learning from home.

Teachers at one preschool in Owensboro decided to try a new idea to connect with their students: Learning on the Lawn.

Eyewitness News spent the day with Seven Hills preschool as educators taught students outside.

In a quiet neighborhood nestled right off Frederica Street in Owenboro, you’ll find a house with a peaceful front yard.

The yard boasts fountains, flowers, and cherub statues. But the porch now serves as a classroom for four-year-old Paxton Rose. Whether Paxton is counting numbers or learning letters he receives instruction from his teacher Jennifer Scarbrough outside.

It’s a new initiative called Learning on the Lawn.

“Going to the houses and working one on one is really special,” said Seven Hills Preschool lead teacher Jennifer Scarbrough.

Once a week Scarbrough makes her way to each one of her students’s homes including Paxton’s.

“Making that connection,” said Scarbrough. “You know preschool is all about social-emotional learning. And you just can’t get that through the computer. You can’t even get it in your larger group settings.”

Before each visit, a video is posted to Facebook for all students.

“Then I have extra materials in a bucket,” said Scarbrough. “Maybe five to seven activities and each activity can be individualized for the children.”

Activities and materials Paxton’s family is grateful to receive.

“It’s nice to have these things on hand cause like I say we go back and do these things more than once, said Paxton’s great aunt Angie Rose. “So learning lessons are in there and they’ve also sent like playthings   to play with outside.”

And no lesson is complete without a hug.

“He’s missed the person to person with his teachers,” said Paxton’s great grandmother Sandy Rose. “So this is very essential for him.”

Learning on the Lawn sessions usually last about a half hour, with goals set for the next week. Leaving behind a smile for both teacher and student.

“It gives you a little glimmer of hope and humanity because some of the things going on in the newsroom are a little bit crazy right now, ” said Angie Rose.

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