Owensboro WWII veteran turning 100, family asks for birthday cards


An Owensboro WWIIi veteran is about to reach a milestone and you at home can help make it special. 

He’s got a spunky personality, can light up any room and is about to reach a milestone of 100 years young. 

Owensboro native JT O’Bryan says there really isn’t a secret to his long life, “I don’t know what it was I just live day to day.”

He’s has done a lot in his lifetime and serving in WWII is just one of them. 

“He’s still sharp as a tack and if he wants to let you know something he’ll let you know,” said Sharon Snyder, JT’s daughter.

“He’s always the goofiest person and if you have something to say he always has some type of remark to make back,” said JT’s great granddaughter Sidney Ostby. 

When it came time to plan something for his birthday, JT’s family of eight kids, 18 grand kids, 30 great grand kids and two great great grand kids weren’t sure what would be big enough for the occasion, but thought lots and lots of birthday cards might do the trick. 

“Last year on his birthday he asked everyday if we go the mail because he was looking for a card and he’d say ‘Did I get anything in the mail, did you get the mail today’ because it was just so exciting for him to open the cards,” said Snyder. 

The big surprise, JT has no idea his family has asked for your help. 

“He loves mail so that will work out fine,” said Snyder. 

Ostby wants to get one card for every year, “I think 100 is the number to shoot for because he’ll be 100 years old.”

She hopes this message spreads far and wide and helps JT get as many as possible to make his 100th birthday the best one yet.

You can send the cards to: 

JT O’Bryan

7220 KY 279 South 

Owensboro, KY 42301

(This article was originally published September 26, 2018)

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