Peephole Bar Reverses Smoking Policy

Evansville, Ind. – Just weeks after indiana’s supreme court struck down evansville’s smoking ban, some businesses are letting customers light up.But, even with some new found freedom, some businesses won’t alter their smoking policy.Businesses in the river city have been given the go ahead to have smoking in their facilities. Steve Alsop owns the Peephole Bar in Downtown Evansville. He was one of many bar owners who sued the city for punitive damages related to the impact of the smoking ban. However, after two weeks of allowing smoking, the Peephole Bar has chosen to remain smoke free.
“The irony is there are many non-smoking places now than there use to be “, says Alsop.

The owner of peephole in Downtown Evansville is a staunch supporter of the right to choose.

“We did what private business is supposed to do. We listen to the market instead of the government”, he added.

For the last two weeks since Indiana struck down the smoking ban; he’s allowed his patrons to smoke but, now the owner has had a change of heart.

“It became obious to me that the smoking crowds were tolerant of going outside than the non-smoking crowd is with being inside. I was looking at some infiltration systems and you know it just wasn’t going to be enough”.

So the bar that once was non-smoking due to the law, then went to smoking when the ban was overturned, will once again return to non- smoking. Alsop says he’s simply exercising his freedom to choose.

“We private business were not publicly owned. I understand why the civic center and the post office all those should be and children should be protected. But, adult only bars; the adult can make that decision and vote with their dollar. We don’t need government intervention” he said.

Report by Fadia Patterson

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