EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) – With less than two weeks to go before the implosion of the 420 Main building, officials have released a detailed map of what areas will be blocked off the day of the implosion.

The red-outlined area of the map is the “Exclusion Zone.” No persons may be outside in this area during or immediately after the implosion. This includes sidewalks, rooftops, decks and balconies, parking garages, and streets. On-street parking will also be prohibited in the Exclusion Zone. The map indicates as well additional areas that will be closed to vehicular traffic. It is expected that the area will be open to pedestrian and most vehicular traffic by noon on Nov. 21.

The implosion is scheduled for 7 a.m. on Nov. 21. Officials are asking everybody to avoid downtown Evansville during this time, saying the best and safest spot to watch it will be at home and on the couch. Eyewitness News will carry a live stream of the implosion that you can view safely from your own home.

Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District President Josh Armstrong says people who go out the night before to make sure their cars are out of the exclusion zone early Sunday morning.

There are currently several street and sidewalk closures as crews have been doing interior and exterior demolition on the building:

  • Closing one lane of 5th Street between Main Street & Sycamore Street (vehicles are able to exit Lic’s drive-through; sidewalk on north side remains open)
  • Restricting the northbound turn lane of 4th Street between the alleyway entrance & Sycamore Street (the right turn lane from 4th to Sycamore only)
  • Closure of all sidewalks:  Main Street between 4th Street & 5th Street; 5th Street between Main Street & Sycamore Street (stays open on north side); Sycamore Street between 4th Street & 5th Street; 4th Street between Sycamore Street & Main Street

Plans to tear down the 420 Main building were unveiled in November after an evaluation revealed that the mechanical, electrical & plumbing (MEP) was not sufficient for reuse. There are plans to replace the 420 Main building with a 6-story ‘architecturally significant mixed-use building which will provide underground parking, indoor and outdoor dining, office and residential space.’

The nearby old Sycamore building has already been torn down. There are plans to build a 4-story mixed-use building which will bring a food hall, commercial/office space, and additional residential units. There are also plans for a renovated city-park.

Local businesses like Bargetown Market say they’ll open up as usual after the implosion. Alicia Rupert says they’re already planning what they’ll do to secure inventory and clean up the dust so they can open up again. Rupert says they’re excited for the event, but sad to see the building leave.