Phone scammers taking advantage of Warrick County residents


WARRICK COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT) – Dustin Welman, Newburgh, said he nearly lost thousands of dollars due to a phone scam that investigators say is on the increase. Welman said he received a call from a Boise, Idaho number, picking up because he just moved to Newburgh from that area.

Welman was told he had a warrant out for his arrest for skipping jury duty – he says that never happened. Although the caller had many accurate details about Welman, he got the feeling that he was being scammed and called local law enforcement.

“They’re impersonating a police officer from our department – it’s an actual officer’s name that works for us. It’s either for they’ve missed jury duty or or a tax warrant or something along those lines and then they ask that the person usually go to a Walmart or a Lowe’s or something along those lines to get gift cards to pay that warrant,” said Warrick County Sheriff Mike Wilder.

Welman was told that if he hung up, they would immediately send someone out for his arrest. He wasn’t quite sure what to do when they asked him for bail money through a wired transfer.

Dustin Welman said “it was part of a process to show up with two proofs of government identification as well as a proof of residency. And I thought it was really strange. They had me come over to Walmart just to ensure that I got the right form. That’s when things started getting unusual for me.”

Sheriff Wilder added, “anything that doesn’t seem right, it’s probably not right.”

According to Sheriff Wilder, if you feel like you’ve received a sketchy call, call local law enforcement immediately.

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