Pistons on Franklin has been sold



EVANSVILLE, Ind. EvansvilleWatch has released a statement, saying they “simply report what they hear” and are required to be unbiased by informing the community about incidents. The full statement can be found below:

“We learned of the closing of the Franklin Street bar when the owner posted a statement yesterday evening. We also learned that the Evansville Police Department and EvansvilleWatch were two cited sources of the business’s downfall. We were founded in 2009 with a requirement to be unbiased informing the community of area incidents and traffic and we strongly believe that no bias has been shown. We simply report what we hear, and we heard a lot from that establishment.”

EvansvilleWatch released this statement after Jason English posted on Facebook that Piston’s had been sold and sited the social media page as the businesses downfall.

English also blamed EPD as part of the businesses downfall.

EPD says it has no comment on this matter.

Original Story

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Pistons on Franklin Street has been sold.

According to the owner, Jason English, the business has been sold, but he doesn’t say who bought it.

Jason English says he remodeled, rebuilt, and added on to the building over the last seven years.

But due “the relentless harassment by Evansville Watch” it has been given a bad reputation.

He also says he hopes EPD and Evansville Watch will give the new owner the “respect to move forward”.

Piston’s will be under English’s ownership for at least the next four to six weeks.

The full post reads:

“It is with heavy heart and great sadness to announce that Piston’s has been sold… 7 yrs ago I bought a small bar on Franklin and I remodeled and rebuilt and added on and built a kitchen with a master chef who has become a part of my family and a true brother to me… Joey Tornatore was the foundation that started this great project and made it what it had become, but do to the relentless harassment of Eville Watch that have gave this beautiful bar and its amazing employees a bad reputation I have decided to sell and make sure that they and there families always have job security, I truly hope the new owner takes it to a new level and that the EPD and Eville Watch give him the respect to move forward… I always put everything I made back into this bar to keep it beautiful and try to add things that this city never saw before… I want to thank my loyal employees that have been with me for years and my die hard customers that never wavered and always showed up everyday “ I truly love and respect all of you, “ thank you!” This past 7 yrs has been so fun and whether anyone wants to acknowledge it or not this bar made Franklin Street grow and change, “ just count all the balcony’s since the first one and new store front!” I have maybe four to six weeks left on the street so in closing I hope you stop in and let’s have one last one together, I will keep you posted for last night blow out before I leave the street…. greatest time of my life on this street, I will truly miss you so much Franklin Street! I love all my angels at the bar, you girls are the best !!!! Thank you so much!”

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(This story was originally published on October 21, 2019)

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