Plea Deal Possibly in the Works in Richmond Hill Explosion Case

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A possible plea deal could be in the works for one of the suspects in the Richmond Hill explosion case out of Indianapolis.

In 2012, the explosion killed Henderson native Dion Longworth and his wife Jennifer who lived next door to the home investigators say was intentionally blown up to collect insurance money.

Gary Thompson is charged with murder and conspiracy to commit arson.

Investigators say he was in the home the day it exploded.

They believe he set a microwave time to go off which sparked the natural gas in the home to blow up.

As a result, 80 homes were damaged and some were destroyed.

Thompson’s attorneys are said to be in talks with prosecutors about a possible plea deal.

The homeowner, Monserrate Shirley pleaded guilty to arson conspiracy.

She faces up to 50 years.

Her boyfriend and his brother have also been sentenced to life in prison.

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