Police Hope Wooden Pallet Will Help Locate Truck Driver involved in Accident

Police Hope Wooden Pallet Will Help Locate Truck Driver involved in Accident_1984053329519724868

Two people are still in the hospital following an accident that shut down traffic for five hours Saturday night.

Evansville Police say the crash happened just south of Morgan Avenue, on I-164, around 9:30.  They say Tyler Norrenbrock, and his passenger, Jessica Whetstine, were riding on a motorcycle headed south bound, when a wooden pallet on the truck in front of them flew off.

Norrenbrock tried to dodge the debris and crashed, throwing both he and Whetstine from the bike.  They were taken to Saint Mary’s Medical Center.  Hospital officials tell us Whetstine is in critical condition, while Norrenbrock is in stable condition.

Investigators say the southbound lanes were shut down until 2:30 Sunday morning.  They say the truck carrying the pallet drove off, and the driver may not have realized what happened.

Pictured above is information from the wood that fell off the truck.  Police are hoping it will help them track down the truck driver.  If you can help officers identify the material, please call Evansville Police.

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