“Private investment is going to take care of this” Guthrie sees chance for bipartisanship from Biden’s speech


KENTUCKY (WEHT) Kentucky Congressman Brett Guthrie says he believes there is a real chance for bipartisanship coming from President Joe Biden’s speech. Biden addressed a joint session of Congress Wednesday evening ahead of his 100th day in office to make the case for his administration’s agenda.

Guthrie agrees something should be done about tax loopholes like corporations using off shore PO boxes to avoid taxes. However, the Republican doesn’t agree with the price tag of the president’s infrastructure plan or how involved government should be in updating infrastructure as a whole.

“Private investment is going to take care of this,” said Congressman Guthrie, “The government can do research and move forward but we don’t have to build charging stations. The government didn’t go around and build charging stations everywhere in the world. Our view is the market is going to take care of that in a far more efficient way than government can.”

Guthrie tells us the issue with the president’s plan is adding more money to infrastructure isn’t neccesary because there’s money the government has already given in stimulus that hasn’t been appropriated yet.

He believes we can take billions of dollars from the American Rescue Act that hasn’t been given a specific use and point it toward infrastructure.

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