Posey county holds public forum on new state laws


POSEYVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – With new laws now on the books, some Posey County leaders are holding public meetings to open up conversation among their communities

And they did just that in Posey County, Thursday, as Sheriff Tom Latham and Prosecutor Thomas Clowers held a public forum.

“Our biggest priority is to keep Posey County a safe place to live and create a family,” said Clowers.

“These folks are out eyes and ears in the community, they know what goes on out there. They can let us know what those issues or concerns are,” he added.

One issue that Clowers says Posey County will be dealing with most is the sentencing for drug offenders…drug dealing offenses, specifically.

“Say someone is charged with level 2, and they have a prior drug felony conviction, that 10 year minimum cannot be suspended to probation or community corrections. That must be served and executed in the department of corrections,” said Clowers.

“The time and effort that is put into these cases that are made and then for this repeat offender to just constantly continue to be let out and let out again. Having those enhancements gives the deputy or the officer that sense of accomplishment that ok we’re not just wasting our time for the system to let them back out,” said Sheriff Latham.

Another new law provides a defense for a person who operates a vehicle with marijuana in their blood.

Sheriff Latham says with the legalization of marijuana in a bordering state, they are seeing more issues.

“Our arrests have increased from people from Illinois with possession of marijuana. We make the arrest if there is impairment involved and that’s the difference,” said Latham.

“What they created is a defense for those who may be involved in an accident where there is serious injury or death. If they do have enacted metabolite in their system and didn’t cause the accident they have a defense under the law now,” said Clowers.

Another public meeting will be held in Posey County next week.

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