Posey County Minister Protects, Guides Congregation


Baret Fawbush has been the senior minister at Old Union Christian Church for five years.

“I believe that self defense is pretty important. I think that god highlights that in the bible. I think he thinks that’s pretty important too. I believe that a person should be able to defend themselves and I believe that is the rule of a husband and role of a father to protect their family from evil people,” said Old Union Christian Church Senior Minister Baret Fawbush.

Old Union Christian Church has been off of State Road 165 in Poseyville since 1960. With about 150 people in the congregation, Fawbush says he feels it’s his right to protect the congregation. He is a firearms instructor and carries a firearm during his sermon.

“I carry a handgun every single Sunday and there’s about four or five other people that do at our church and they just do so for personal protection of themselves and their families because they feel like they’re responsible for that. I feel like I’m responsible for my entire congregation. Being in the front and being only able to see only of the main entrances to the building just puts me in a good spot to do so,” said Fawbush.

When he heard about the shooting at the church in Charleston, he says he was deeply hurt.

“The sorrow that they must feel from that and I’m very sorry they have to live through that I was just deeply, deeply hurt when I heard about that,” said Fawbush.

Fawbush says it’s a situation that could happen anywhere.

“I think that anywhere where you have a group of people, I think that you’re going to have fathers and husbands who feel that they need to be able to take care of their families. Regardless if that’s at a church, or in a mall, or at Fallfest or wherever it happens to be, you should have the right to do that,” said Fawbush.

He wonders if a firearm would have been present, if the situation would have ended differently.

“If somebody had a firearm at the bible study, i think that the situation could have been prevented. I mean I don’t think anybody could say one way or not whether definitively it could have been taken care of but, your likelihood of success would have extremely increased,” said Fawbush.

While Fawbush may carry a concealed weapon, it’s not at the forefront of his message. The focus is spreading the word of Christ.

“Even though this is a real big hobby or mine and a passion of mine, it’s not something you’re going to hear me give every Sunday; a gun illustration. That’s just not how we do things here,” said Fawbush.

Fawbush says lessons are available for those interested. They are held by the senior minister.

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