POSEY COUNTY, Ind. (WEHT)– It’s National EMS Week, a time where communities across the country celebrate the life saving care of EMT’s and paramedics provide on a daily basis.

Amy Woodley and her partner, Marcus, suit up to help the Posey County community day and night.

“I really loved making a difference and being around people, so I thought why not make a career of this.” she Woodley says.

Woodley always knew she wanted to be a paramedic. In high school, she served on a volunteer fire department. After graduating, she went on to be an EMT, then a paramedic. 12 years later, including 10 years as a paramedic, she is still going strong.

“No day is the same. You never know what each day is going to bring. Some days you might go in and not do much, and some days you may be busy from the start of your shift to the end of your shift,” she says.

The paramedic and her partner work 24 hour shifts.

“We try to rest as much as we can because we may not be able to sleep all night,” she says.

Woodley says the long hours makes it feel like a home away from home, especially on the holidays.

“You have your family at home, but then when you are with somebody for 24 hours, they become your family as well. It’s not like your job anymore, it’s your life,” she says.

Woodley says each call poses a different set of challenges.

“Pediatrics are a challenging run,” she says.

However, by having a partner, Woodley says they are able to learn from each other and can provide the best care possible.

“You should always be learning…. with what happened or what could happen, and medicine is already changing. As a team, you are always making a difference, because it is not a one man show. It takes two people, one person drives and once is giving care, or there are two people in the back,” Woodley says.

Woodley says it feels good to be recognized during National EMS Week, but reiterates that she and crews with Posey County EMS do not do it for the “thank you’s.”

“A thanks and an appreciation once in a while, we do love, but we don’t do it for that. We do it to make a difference,” Woodley says.

Woodley also says that Posey County EMS was awarded a grant to help the community stay out of the emergency room. The program starts in July and will focus on things like fall risk, CPR, and Stop the Bleed.

Posey County EMS held an awards ceremony to honor the accomplishments of its EMT’s and paramedics.

•Paramedic of the Year- Chris Neaveill

•EMT of the Year- Will Harl

•Team Player of the Year- Tess Hanson

•Above and Beyond Award- Alex Jackson, Chris Neaveill, and Amy Woodley from their assistance on April 26

Years Service Awards were handed out to employees with full time employment at Posey.

•5 year award- Josh Downey

•10 year award- John Williams (with 12 years total)

•10 year award-Marcus Shephard (with 12 years total)

•10 year award- Courtney Nalin (with 12 years total)

•15 year award- Greg Elderkin (with 18 years total)

•15 year award- Chris Neaveill

•25 year award- Mike Daws (with 28 years total)

•25 year award- Vicki Daws (with 29 years total)