Princeton Police officers urge commission not to reinstate Brandt George to the force


PRINCETON, INDIANA (WEHT)– Community members, family members of Brandt George, and police officers were around to make comments about the merit commission’s recent decision to reinstate Brandt George.

“What you are saying in our eyes is that it’s okay to commit a crime of dishonesty and still maintain your job,” Captain Mike Hurt said.

George had been accused of letting a juvenile suspect toss drugs out of his cruiser while taking him to jail. Hurt said they are disappointed in the decision to let him back on the force.

“Being a police officer you must have integrity and honesty and trust the person beside you. We can’t trust Brandt George. He doesn’t have any integrity,” Hurt said.

George’s brother and mother Tyler and Jan were there to voice their opinion in support of the decision to have their loved one reinstated.

“The officers who were going to make the traffic stop should have known who they were dealing with. They would’ve approached this thing in a totally different way if they would have known the suspect,” Tyler George said.

“All he’s ever wanted to do was be a police officer. That is his dream. He’s not perfect. I’m not perfect. None of us are perfect,” Jan Ayers said.

This incident leading officers to question members of the commission.

“We as a department vote no confidence in George Ballard, Rick Hickrod, Barrett Doyle and Rick Coleman. We are respectfully asking for your resignation,” Hurt said.

“It may not have been what they wanted but I think in my heart and as a Christian I know you guys did the right thing,” Ayers said.

While George is reinstated, Hurt said he is not officially back as they are awaiting a letter regarding this matter. Members of the commission adjourned the meeting after these comments and said the next meeting will be June 1, 2021 at 1 p.m.

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