Princeton’s Camden looks to strike out cancer


Princeton’s pitcher, Jada Camden is used to throwing strikes in softball. Her return to the diamond is a little different this year. She dodged a curveball in her own life, cancer in her right ankle.

“I was scared and I was like am I still going to be able to play. I just didn’t know what to think at first. But then after, I was like I can do this cause I want to be back on the field again.”

The Cancer was ewings sarcoma, a type that forms in bone or soft tissue. Camden decided to undergo chemo and radiation treatments. A choice that would lead her back to pitching again.

“So happy to be back playing and it was a struggle to back to where I am and I am not fully where I used but I’m trying to get back there.”

The Tigers battle with cancer started sophomore year but the junior is quick to say she had some help battling it thanks to her loved ones. Her teammate, Jessi Goforth explains, she’s proud of what her friend has been able to accomplish in this fight.

“She’s just a big inspiration to all of us. I’m really proud to be on her team and be one of her friends. It means a lot that she can get back out here and be so happy, it makes it more than a game for everyone around. 

Her head coach explains, it was her determination that led her back to playing for the Tigers.

“Her goal as soon as she knew she had this, she said I’m coming back to play. And we figured she would, she’s a gritty kid. She is one of those kids that would run through for oyu. We knew she would be back, now we just have to get back to one hundred percent.”

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