HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Some Tristate organizations say that an influx in stray and abandoned animals is leading to shelters having to refuse animals.

Henderson County resident Tracy McPherson says she loves dogs.
Having a rescue herself, she was not fazed when a male dog recently followed her husband home.

“We’re just animals lovers, so we just want  to help out. My husband was like, we can’t take in another rescue right now – but we know they need help. They can’t find food and shelter on their own,” says McPherson.

However, when she reached out to the Henderson County Humane Society and New Hope shelter, she says they could not take him in.

“I took him to the humane society – my husband had called before I went up there and bring him on up there – so I did – and that’s when they told me they didn’t have room for him,” says McPherson.

New Hope Animal Rescue says they have seen an increase in animals being abandoned and donated — putting shelters at capacity.

“We’ve just been bombarded with strays, and injured animals, people having to surrender their animals. It’s really been crazy for the past three or four weeks,” says Paula Hawkins, owner of New Hope Animal Rescue.

The Henderson County Humane Society was unavailable for an interview — but we’re told they have agreed to take in the dog on Friday.