EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – An ordinance to create a non-profit organization that would facilitate more affordable housing was tabled, causing frustration for many concerned citizens.

“There are people not only in my apartment complex but also all across Evansville who have issues with mice, roaches, mold and there is nothing being done about it,” says frustrated tenant Delanie Lawrence.

Evansville has long had a problem with affordable housing. Many people believe the lack of inexpensive places to live is driving people to neighboring communities.

“People are looking to come to Evansville and there is no housing for them to move into. Imagine those individuals who live in that and their rent is 600 to 700 dollars and their utility bills are 900 dollars. Those people can’t find an affordable place to live,” says Floyd Edwards, a committee member with C.A.J.E.

Those who opposed the ordinance say they do not oppose more affordable housing; just the creation of another non-profit to do so.

“We are not anti-affordable housing because that’s what we do and we have been doing it for years. What we don’t want to do is set up another obstacle to affordable housing,” says Reverend Adrian of Missionary Baptist Church.

In the meantime, people who reside in these subpar housing are tired of waiting – and believe the affordable housing is an urgent manner.

“It’s extremely Important because if we don’t have attention to this one certain area then people are going to keep having to live in this unsanitary conditions,” adds Lawrence,

With the Council’s ruling to table, the issue will be brought up again on May 22nd .