Protest held over family pet’s fate after injuring a 4-year-old


Mt. Vernon, Ind. (WEHT) – It’s a story we brought to you in January after a 4-year-old Mt. Vernon girl suffered facial lacerations when the family pet named “Jager” jumped on top of her.

A Posey County judge, then, ordered that the dog be put down. Since that ruling, Jager’s owner May Robinson has been trying to get him back saying it was an accident. She said that it’s unjust that the dog has to sit in a kennel while it goes through the appeal process.

“No bite, no kill” is a slogan that can be seen in and around Mt. Vernon, especially as people stood in protest outside of the courthouse.

4-year-old Kinley underwent surgery this past January after the family dog jumped on top of her.

Senior Judge Robert Aylsworth said that while the dog didn’t have a violent history, the incident was still horrific. Jager was set to be euthanized in may but Kinley’s grandmother filed an appeal.

On Wednesday, family, friends and even strangers showed up today to support Robinson as she tries to save the 8-year-old boxer. They stood in protest outside the city hall meeting where people also spoke on behalf of Jager.

“Maybe they listen to what our supporters are telling them, this is not a bite. Your judgment is unlawful, the ordinance says a dog that bites. And he didn’t bite her,” said Robinson.

“That was an accident and he did not bite. You have people here to be Jager’s voice, because he cannot speak for himself,” said Rodney Phillips.

Protestor Laura May said she came, “Because I’m sad for her and for the dog, both. Kinley loves that dog, that’s her dog. It was just an accident. She stepped on his foot and he scratched.”

“I do not know the family or the little girl was scratched accidentally by the dog, but I mean the dog just reacted to its foot getting stepped on. It’s just not right, it needs to stop,” said Marie Smith.

For now, Robinson is only able to visit Jager at the kennel.

“He was pawing at the cage wanting me to open the door, and that killed me because I couldn’t get him out,” said Robinson.

Eyewitness news spoke to Mayor Bill Curtis by phone Wednesday, and he said he cannot comment on an open case.

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