There’s a new Indiana law regarding public use of police recordings, and community members and lawmakers gather to talk about it on Tuesday night.

Former State Representative Gail Riecken along with Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann held the forum at the C.K. Newsome Center. They discussed the new body camera law and more transparency to the public.

However, several people voiced concerns on the cost for a copy of body cam footage which is $150.

“We’re in the low-income area,” said Fred Cook of the Coalition of Inner City Neighborhoods. “People are working for minimum wage. There’s no way in the world they can fit $150 into their income.”

“I don’t know how you can justify $150,” said Riecken. “But if they can, you have to line it out cost by cost. If they can justify it, they can charge it.”

Evansville Police say the $150 charge is the only way to offset the cost of the body camera program.