BOONVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Before the fairgrounds are all lit up in carnival lights, the barns are filled with members from 4-H – taking care of and preparing their animals for shows and contests.

Cats, cows, and goats – oh my!

So, what goes in to the daily routine in the barn?

“Mainly wash in the mornings and make sure they don’t get too dirty then around showtime we start fitting them so combing them to make them look a little fuller and a little prettier,” said Dora Green, a 4-H member who shows cattle.

Months of hard work are put in making sure these animals not only look fluffy and adorable, but also impressive to the judges. But what exactly are the judges looking for in a 4-H contest?

As for cattle, “they want good muscles, good structure and straight feet,” according to Dalton Hunt.

Desie Potts, whose cat won Best in Show said judges are “looking for the type of breed and the quality in your cat.”

And when it comes to “milking a goat – they’re looking mainly at the udder to see if [it’s perfect] and then mainly they’re just seeing how good they walk,” said Lydia Howe.

Not only do these kids get to show off their prized animals – they say they’ve made many friends each summer at the fair. Hanging out in the barn each day has allowed them to get to know a lot of different people and see what they have been working on.

The animals and projects will continue to be shown and compete in contests through Saturday, July 24, 2021.

For a full schedule of events at the Warrick County Fair, visit their website.