Rain can’t keep people away from the Fall Festival


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – It was a cold rainy day for some in the tri-state. But that rain didn’t ruin the fun for some when it comes to heading down to the Fall Festival. With the week almost complete we’ve been talking about all the things going on on Franklin Street. But Friday, a curveball was thrown at everyone making the trip. For days Franklin Street has been filled with people getting the food they can only get once a year and on this rainy day, it didn’t keep people from buying or booths from selling.

“Only if it’s pouring down rain.”

That’s what Mary Hamilton says is the only thing that would keep her away and for this cold fall night , she came ready to weather the temperature.

“Well, I put on a sweatshirt. Brought the umbrella, gloves. I knew it was going to be cold and wet, so I came prepared,” Hamilton explains.

For booths like the number 66, the weather hasn’t been a friend to them.

“Certainly we have gone down a lot with our sales of our cold brew. It’s been less popular today as the weather has been dropping, the rain has been moving in. We have had a couple of people ask if we were selling hot coffee,” Denton Ice says.

But those selling hot items, they’re making a killing.

“I would say chicken and dumplings today. We’ve sold the most,” Sam Vowells explains.

“A lot of people are like up at the window with the money in their hands and their hands are shivering,” Robert Baggett explains. “They’re wanting us to get their orders filled real quick.”
The Pleasant Chapel General Baptist Church sells two kinds of soup and with the rain getting everyone wet, they say that’s been their biggest seller.

“We’ve been moving all kinds of stuff but probably the soups are moving the best because you know kind of damp feeling and it’s cold down here,” Baggett says.

One of the vendors on the street started selling rain ponchos today. To help keep people dry from the rain.

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