Reaction to Gov. Pence’s Selection as Trump’s VP

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Around Indiana, the reaction to Gov. Mike Pence’s selection as Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick has been divided.

Here’s a look at some of the statements released Friday, following the official announcement by Donald Trump:

John Gregg, Democratic candidate for Indiana Governor

“This campaign has always been about Indiana’s future and who is best equipped to clean up the mess Mike Pence made. I look forward to hearing from my opponents if they’ll continue his damaging policies or join me working to correct them. In the meantime, I’ll continue outlining my plans for creating and retaining high-paying jobs, strengthening schools, fixing long neglected infrastructure, combating the state’s drug epidemic and all the other very real challenges facing Hoosiers which have taken a back seat to Mike Pence’s personal ambition and extreme ideologies for so long.”

Lt. Gov Eric Holcomb

“Now that Governor Pence has withdrawn from the ballot for governor, I am withdrawing from the ballot for Lt. Governor in order to seek the Office of Governor.”

Indiana Republican Party

“On behalf of the Indiana Republican Party, I would like to congratulate Governor Mike Pence on becoming the presumptive Vice-Presidential nominee. Throughout his distinguished public service career, Governor Mike Pence has worked tirelessly to make Indiana a national leader in job growth, education, and investments in the Crossroads of America.”

“His unwavering commitment to Hoosiers both in his public life as a congressman and Governor and in his personal life as a father and husband, and faithful servant, has been his utmost priority his entire life. As my friend for more than twenty five years, I know that he will be a determined and enthusiastic voice for those who feel the system has left them behind.”

“Indiana looks forward to supporting Donald J. Trump and Governor Mike Pence in November and putting two strong conservatives back in the White House.”

Indiana Democratic Party

“Mike Pence has spent the past three years focused only on his personal ambition. He has embarrassed Hoosiers, signed divisive and discriminatory legislation into law, and alienated the business community –costing our state money in the process. Unfortunately, that qualifies him as a compatible running mate for Donald Trump, who is out only for himself and running one of the most toxic presidential campaigns in history.”

“As he crisscrosses the country promoting Donald Trump, Mike Pence will need to account for his failed record as our governor. This includes the discriminatory RFRA that has cost our economy over $60 million, an anti-abortion law with some of the most outrageous restrictions in the country, and a lagging state economy that is underperforming the national average and our closest neighboring states.”

Indiana Right to Life

“Gov. Pence is devoted to protecting the unborn and their mothers. Gov. Pence’s pro-life stance is more than a talking point; Gov. Pence has put his pro-life position into action time and time again. Indiana is a better state for the unborn and their mothers because of the Governor’s pro-life leadership.”

“Since becoming governor, Gov. Pence has advanced the pro-life cause through legislation and his administration. Under Gov. Pence, there are four fewer abortion facilities. The state abortion rate has been steadily declining every year. The state is enforcing health regulations that protect women’s health, and abortion doctors know they don’t have a free pass.”

Indiana AFL-CIO

“Mike Pence is running away from the people of Indiana and into the arms of Donald Trump, and the pair could not be more perfect for each other. Trump and Pence are both driven by a divisive political agenda that focuses more on ideologies than actual practical solutions to the issues plaguing working people. Governor Pence has failed Hoosiers, so it’s no wonder he’s made such a desperate attempt to escape the governor’s race. Luckily, we have a leader in this race who is not running away. John Gregg has the experience needed to pick up the pieces and clean up the mess Mike Pence has left behind. John Gregg still stands with working Hoosiers just as he always has. Now it is up to the people of Indiana to decide whether they want to elect a leader who has stood by them or someone who will follow in the footsteps of Mike Pence. Let’s open a new chapter for the working families of Indiana and elect John Gregg as our next governor.”

Republican Governors Association

“Thanks to Governor Mike Pence’s strong, conservative leadership, Indiana is in a more prosperous position now than before he was elected, and it’s a direct result of his commitment to pro-growth policies and successful governance,” said RGA Chair Governor Susana Martinez. “As a dedicated member of the RGA, Governor Pence has sacrificed large amounts of his time to help elect other conservative governors, and the RGA is now stronger because of his involvement. The RGA congratulates Governor Pence on his selection as the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee and we look forward to the nation benefiting from his dynamic leadership.”

Sen. Dan Coats (R-IN)

“Mike Pence is a great choice and will make an excellent vice president.”

“Governor Pence is a proven leader with both executive and legislative experience. As Indiana’s governor, he has continued our state’s remarkable economic progress and pushed for more effective, efficient government. He’s served in leadership in Congress and understands how the federal government operates. Governor Pence’s communications skills, long history as a conservative leader and Midwestern common-sense will be an asset to the Trump campaign.”

“Most importantly, Mike and Karen are people of integrity with hearts for public service. I congratulate both of them on this high honor.”

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