HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – For the second time, a property on Thompson Street in Henderson is a construction zone for Habitat for Humanity. In early July, an overnight fire destroyed three homes in the 100 block of Thompson Street, including a Habitat home that was nearing completion.

“We were actually getting ready to put in drywall on the very day that the house caught fire,” explains Britney Smith, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Henderson. “So, it’s been a few tears, but a lot of rallying between our staff and our volunteers and the family that’s going to live here.”

Smith says staff and volunteers were heartbroken to see weeks of work gone in the span of a few hours. But those same volunteers are willing to put in overtime to make sure the Poindexter family of Henderson has a place to call home.

“Our volunteers, they work for donuts and free coffee and maybe a free t-shirt every now and then,” says Smith. “But they are men of heart and they have really stayed with us along the way, and they have even said that they’ll work extra days on this project for us to try and get it back to where it was as soon as we possibly can.”

In the span of just 4 days, volunteers were able to have walls placed around the home as it begins to take shape once again. This is all happening with debris from the July 6 fire sitting feet away from the construction zone. While this home won’t be ready as early as originally planned, Habitat volunteers are aiming for a special gift this holiday season.

“Ideally, that day would be Thanksgiving, or around Thanksgiving,” explains Smith, “But our hope is by Christmas at the very latest to have this family in here. We want to see a tree in that front window.”