Red Cross representatives warn of severe blood shortage


EVANSVILLE, INDIANA (WEHT)– A blood shortage isn’t rare to officials at American Red Cross. Theo Boots, executive director at southwest Indiana’s Red Cross, said an ongoing shortage seen nationwide currently proves to be severe.

“That is even higher of a shortage than it was at the height of the pandemic last March and April. We have less than half a day’s supply of Type O blood as well as platelets,” Boots said.

Boots said a higher demand of blood is needed for rises in elective surgeries and other transplants. Summertime is a season she said that normally sees some shortage, but this summer proves to have a large need for blood- and there’s a solution to that problem. She said people should donate if they are able to.

“The actual process of donating the blood is only about ten minutes but the entire process is only between 45 minutes and an hour, which is really a short time if you think about it. Plus you have the ability to save up to three lives,” Boots said.

If this issue is not addressed, Boots said hospitals could face a battle with being able to do elective surgeries on patients.

“We want to continue to do elective surgeries because those are important as well. We don’t want to get to the point where we need to halt doing elective surgery,” Boots said.

She said several blood drives in the area will be held next week. People can check where and when to donate by clicking here.

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