Redevelopment Commission Awards Contract for Streetscape Project


The Redevelopment Commission awarded a construction contract for a project that will help compliment the future IU medical school.

The ERC awarded a contract of just over $3 million to Ragle Incorporated for the IU medical school Streetscape Project, which calls for the revamping and beautification of the streets flanking the school.

The $3 million price tag is significantly less than the first round of bids, which exceeded $10 million.

“It will still be a really pretty place. It will match the other things downtown but we are able to take out enough what we might call extras in that package to bring it down to where we are comfortable with this being well within the $8 million streetscape budget,” says Kelley Coures, Department of Metropolitan Development.

Construction on the IU medical school is expected to begin in the coming weeks.

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