Religious Statue Surrounded By Tornado Debris Remains Undamaged


Dubois County hit by a tornado Tuesday night with heavy damage. The National Weather Service team out of Louisville says and EF-2 tornado touched down near Ireland with 130 mph winds. 

Despite the damage, there is one positive that came out of the storm. 

Amongst ripped down trees and and storm damage, the town was hit by something else. 

“I mean there’s trees it’s just massive destruction,” Chris Weisman says. “When I came past this morning I saw it in the daylight it’s just amazing how it was untouched. I guess the good Lord’s up there.”

A statue of Mary holding Jesus, surrounded by branches at the base on every said, remains without a scratch. 

Chris Leuck says, “To see this walk back here and the statue remaining untouched it has to be a miracle especially with all the trees that have come down in the area.”

“It’s been here for about 8 years and it’s just amazing that the trees did not fall on it with all the damage that we do have here,” Weisman says. 

Parts of the St. Mary’s Catholic Church offices ripped apart with heavy damage and more than 20 trees pulled out of the ground. 

Religious or not, some say it’s a divine sign as no injuries were reported in the area. 

“Most of these trees in this area were more than likely going to have to come down for the new parish anyway,” Kevin Powell says. “The good lord saved us time down the road.”

“I just appreciate everyone coming out and helping and I just praise the Lord nobody did get hurt.”

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