EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT)- Republican Natalie Rascher lost by just 9-percentage points in the race for mayor.

The Republican Party Chairman Mike Duckworth says he feels like the city is missing out, by not electing a Republican administration, and not filling the City Council seats with Republicans. Natalie Rascher expressed that above all, the goal is to move the city forward regardless of party affiliation.

Rascher spoke to the crowd that gathered for her, expressing how important it is to lose gracefully. She says, “My kids were sitting there. I didn’t want them crying and upset, you know, you win some, you lose some”.

Rascher explains how she hopes that ideas from each campaign can be taken and put to good use, because ultimately she says, “it’s about bettering Evansville”.

Rascher tells Eyewitness News that her goal is, and always has been, to serve and support Evansville as a city, and that she doesn’t need the mayor’s seat to do that.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke was in attendance, showing his support for Rascher. He explains that even though it’s not the outcome they hoped for, “…now it’s time to gather and rally around our Mayor-Elect and make sure she is successful”.