Republicans introduce paid family leave proposal


Part of President Donald Trump’s budget proposal includes paid family leave. According to US labor statistics, only 17% of US workers can count on their employer to pay them while they stay home with their newborns.

Many say the first few weeks after birth can be the most precious for new parents and their babies.

Labor statistics show just a small fraction of US families can afford to take the time off.

Only 17% of workers get paid parental leave.

Tuesday, Republican Senators Joni Ernst and Mike Lee introduced a conservative solution to a problem disproportionally impacting working women.

Under the plan, eligible workers could tap their Social Security funds early to help pay for up to three months of off time.

Groups like the Independent Women’s Forum praised the idea.

Here’s the catch, though: once it’s time to retire, parents will have to wait that same amount of time to get their Social Security money back.

Some critics say the solution would erode an already unstable Social Security program.
Talks are in the early stages and lawmakers hope to work together to find a solution both sides can agree on.

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(This story was originally published on March 12, 2019)

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