HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)- The second phase of construction for the skate park on the riverfront has been greenlit.

Dieg Brothers Construction finished phase one of the project last week. A construction agreement was approved for phase two. Garmong Construction of Evansville will now move forward to finish the concrete work on the park.

Deputy Mayor Steve Schaefer talked about the plan.

“So the masterplan getting that completed all the work we’ve been doing this past year. Now we’re starting on big projects, whether it’s the skate park notice to proceed on phase two on the riverfront, whether it’s pickleball courts in Wesselman park, whether it’s a new basketball court in Fulton. You know all of these things are starting to come to fruition and people are seeing these things happen, which it takes time, but I think these improvements are going to be well received from the public. “

The project is part of a 5-year master plan for parks across the city. There is no set date yet for the second phase of work to begin.