Romney Talks Akin; New Polling Shows Presidential Race In Dead Heat

Romney Talks Akin; New Polling Shows Presidential Race In Dead Heat_-240225136157638151

WASHINGTON- On the eve of the scheduled kick off to the Republican NationalConvention in Tampa, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney iscommenting on one name who won’t be there this week.

Missouricongressman and republican senate candidate Todd Akin was asked notto come to the convention after his controversial comments about rapeand pregnancy.

Romneytold Fox News Sunday, “I think it was a terrible statement inhis part. I think it was uninformed. I think it was outrageous andoffensive. I have asked him to get out of the race. I think I havedistanced myself from the kind of thing he has said as far as Ipossibly can.”

Newpolling from CNN released Sunday shows president Obama leading onpersonality points but Romney takes the lead in having a clear planfor solving problems.

49percent of likely voters say president Obama is honest andtrustworthy…. Romney brought in 42%.

Butwhen it comes to managing the government effectively… Romney has afour point lead over the president 48 to 44.

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