DUBOIS COUNTY, Ind. (WEHT) – The intersection of State Roads 64 and 162 in Dubois County has been a focal point for INDOT for many years, and has become known for some serious accidents. From a 4 way stop to stoplights, multiple improvements have been done at the Bretzville Junction to prevent serious accidents. Now, there is hope that a planned roundabout will solve a prolonged problem.

“Oh it’s definitely the most problematic, yeah,” says Dubois County Sheriff Tom Kleinhelter.

According to INDOT, 116 crashes were reported at the intersection between 2017 and 2019.

“Even just 116 minor accidents, I think should be looked at,” says Sheriff Kleinhelter. “Like, why are they happening, what can we do to make it safe?”

“A lot of those accidents are what we call like a more major accident, possible fatal wrecks,” explains Gary Brian of INDOT Southwest.

The planned roundabout would, according to INDOT, force traffic to slow down naturally. Brian explains going from an intersection to a roundabout will prevent impacts at 90 degree angles, shifting to 45 degree angles. Slower speeds and adjusted impact angles are expected to greatly reduce serious accidents. Aside from benefitting drivers, the plan could also benefit first responders. According to Sheriff Kleinhelter, fewer crashes means fewer instances of disrupted travel.

“Now an accident where it’s a property damage accident, we can get that done in 20 minutes,” says Sheriff Kleinhelter. “But some of the fatalities and personal injury accidents can take hours.”

Public comment hearings will be scheduled later in 2023. Bids for the project are expected to open for the end of 2025, with INDOT expecting construction to begin between April and May of 2026.