HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Once again, the eyes of the nation on the Tri-State as a manhunt for an escaped Ohio inmate reaches Henderson. For residents like Ashley Noffsinger, the search for Bradley Gillespie provided an unexpected Wednesday morning.

“I lived in a small town most of my life and moved up here a few years back, and I wished I wouldn’t have now! I am ready to go home,” says Noffsinger.

Gillespie was serving a murder sentence in Ohio for a 2016 double-homicide. Noffsinger witnessed the frantic searches from her front yard in Henderson.

“I came back home, I had a message from a neighbor telling me police had drawn rifles in our back parking lot,” explains Noffsinger. “I hope they find him because I am shaking in my boots.”

Tonya Wells was working outside with her husband when authorities rushed in after receiving a tip from a neighbor.

“They had surrounded a house a could doors down, had the dogs out here,” explains Wells. “They were probably here for a good 30 minutes surrounding the area and barricading things off.”

The day began for officers after 3 AM when a stolen vehicle occupied by Gillespie and James Lee was spotted on Highway 41. After a brief pursuit, lee crashed into a fence near Camaro Court. Lee was apprehended, but the search for Gillespie ensued.

“This obviously stretches our manpower. It really does,” says Henderson Police Chief Sean McKinney. “We’ve been out since 3:30 this morning and we’ll continue to stay out until Mr. Gillespie is apprehended.”

Police consider Gillespie to be armed and dangerous. Residents are urged to keep their homes and automobiles locked and exterior lights on. Anyone who comes across Gillespie is urged to not approach him, but instead call 911 immediately.