Several Cars Vandalized on Evansville’s West Side


“The police officer told me yesterday that I was the 11th one yesterday. The guy down the street would’ve been 12 yesterday,” Charles Brown said Sunday.

Brown lives on Read Street, where two other cars had their windows shot out, joining thirteen other reported acts of vandalism on west side cars over the weekend.

Evansville police believe the windows were shot out with a bb gun, but right now there are no suspects, and it’s not clear if the same person or persons committed all the acts.

 “You know, look good to their buddies or something. I don’t what the deal is. I mean it’s stupid,” Brown said. “I mean, what can you say? I mean I wasn’t too happy.”

East Iowa and West Virginia had three cars each as well. Police say it’s also too early to tell if there’s a connection to the vandalism on the north side reported earlier in the week.

Mary Jane Smith, who also lives on Read Street, has dealt with vandalism before, but now she’s fed up.

“I says what’s wrong? She says, Mary, I hate to tell you this, but your window’s all broke out on the side of your van, and the language I said at first wasn’t very pretty,” Smith said. “They [are] just vandals that don’t care, don’t have nothing more to do.”

Pieces of glass are still on the streets, and peace of mind is surly depleted, but the vandalism victims are perhaps hit hardest in the pocket book, as replacing windows can cost hundreds of dollars.

“If the parents know who they are, come and pay for our windows,” Smith said.

If you do have any information at all about any potential vandals, please contact the Evansville Police Department.

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