Shopping Guide for Black Friday!

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In the past, Black Friday shopping meant maybe taking a nap after Thanksgiving dinner before heading to your favorite store.  Once there, you likely waited in a rather long line that seemed to stretch from here to L.A., as visions of discounted big screen tv’s, tablets and smartphones danced in your head.  Then, when the doors opened, sometime in the wee hours of the morning, you rushed in, hoping the “limited supply” of what you went for in the first place wasn’t already sold out.

Well, this year, the lines will likely still be long, and the limited supplies may or may not be exhausted, however, the time frame in which it all plays out is changing as more retailers choose to open much earlier.  And with so many stores opening during the evening hours on Thanksgiving, it can get confusing.  But never fear, we’re here to help construct your battle plan.  Below you will find a list of many Tri-State stores and their hours of operation for this big holiday shopping weekend.

Eastland Mall
  • Doors open at 8:00 Thanksgiving night, however, not all stores open that early.  J.C. Penney, Finish Line and Victoria Secret will open at 8, but others will wait until midnight.  To see the hours for every store in the mall, click here.
  •  Open Thanksgiving Day 8PM until 11:00 PM on Friday
  • Open Thanksgiving Day 8pm until 11:59 pm Friday
  • Open Thanksgiving Day 8pm until 10pm Friday
Gander Mountain
  • Open Thanksgiving Day at 8am – 2am Friday
  • Reopens at 6am Friday until 10pm Friday
  • Open 5am on Friday
K-MART Henderson
  • Open Thanksgiving Day at 6am until Friday 11pm
Some Henderson businesses are hosting Open House events starting Friday.  Click here for a link to some of those.

Towne Square Mall–Owensboro
  • Opens 8pm Thanksgiving night.

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