POSEY COUNTY, In. (WEHT) – Parents and businesses are voicing concern about various detours people are using to get around the construction on Indiana-66.

One such detour, the gravel Bluegrass Road in Posey County,  was never meant to be used as a detour to construction on IN-66. After several complaints, the road was closed, but that has not stopped drivers from finding alternative routes. 

Eyewitness News spoke with a business owner who say these detours, on roads not meant for high traffic, are causing damage to the roads and endangering the safety of those living around them. People living along these roads agree that it’s a big concern. 

Posey County Sheriff Tom Latham says that until the Posey County Highway Department and INDOT come to an agreement on an official detour, the county will be fiscally responsible for repairing the damaged roads.