Should Indiana go to central time?


An Indiana lawmaker thinks a time-change across the Hoosier state could make the bus stop safer.

Republican State Senator, Eric Bassler from Washington, Ind. is working on a bill that would ask Governor Eric Holcomb to request the federal government put all of Indiana in the central time zone.

Moving to central time would allow for an extra hour of daylight in the morning. Bassler thinks that could reduce the risk of an accident with kids crossing the street.

The Tri-State has experience in both time zones. Knox County is an hour ahead of most in the area.

“I want us all on the same time,” said Johnnetta Burke of Vincennes.

Wendy Cleavenger agrees. “I don’t like it,” she said. “One time zone, make it easy for everybody!”

Most people in Vincennes want the state to pick one or the other.

Dave Nibel says adding and subtracting an hour can get old. “Especially this close to the line, which time am I having to deal with?” he often asks.

Doug Bobbitt lives in central time, but travels to eastern time to visit the hospital for doctors’ appointments. “It gets confusing,” Bobbitt said.

The state’s time zone map looks like a puzzle sometimes, with pieces going east and central. Indiana has experimented with other time zones in the past.

Bassler believes it makes geographic sense for Indiana to be in central time.

“We’re in the Midwest, not the mid-east or the east. From a rational perspective, we should be in the central time zone,” Bassler said.

But his reasoning goes beyond an easier-to-manage schedule. He thinks a unified time zone could make kids safer at the bus stop.

Cleavenger likes the idea. “These kids don’t need to be standing out in the dark,” she said. “That’s stupid.”

Others just think a time shift may push problems to a different time.

“You’re going to be darker in the evenings when they get off,” Bobbitt said.

Nibel says he understands the logic, but reasons it may just make a bigger problem. “With yet another change you’re going to see a lot of disgruntled people.”

Some may get wound up over this potential time shift, but it’s not worth going cuckoo. Time will march on, and sometimes confusion will too.

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This story was originally published on November 29, 2018

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