Six-year-old painter sells artwork to give back to the community


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Aiy’Den Scott-Drain is not your average business owner. He puts his blood, sweat and tears into his work, but there’s one big thing that stands out. He’s only six years old.

“So i make my art and I just want…I like to see people happy so if the people that buy my stuff, if they’re happy that makes me happy to see that,” said Aiy’Den.

Aiy’Den has been painting since he was 2 years old. He sells all of his art in Vann Park several nights a week. But he doesn’t keep all the proceeds for himself.

“So, I split my dollar four ways. 25% I give back, 25% I invest, 25% I can use on myself, 25% I use to buy more equipment,” he added.

Aiy’Den says he loves to give back to the community and help those in need.

Evansville police officer Korey Winn was driving along his routine patrol when he saw Aiy’Den’s tent set up.

“I was driving around here a couple of weeks ago and i saw him dancing out here with his paintings and i was like man I gotta stop!” said Winn.

Officer Winn purchased three paintings for himself and posted about it on his Facebook. His friends and colleagues were in awe and wanted their own piece of art from Aiy’Den.

“I think it goes down to his parents teaching him correctly, showing him the ways. And he sees how giving back is worth more than actually money can buy. Seeing that at a young age, he’s gonna go far… It’s just a joy to see this and see the community pick up on this and its just such a positive impact,” added Winn.

Just days later, Aiy’Den painted a portrait of the two of them and has many requests from other law enforcement. Aiy’Den doesn’t have just one business, he has four! He sells a magazine that he created, his homemade limeade, and he has a cooking YouTube channel. He also sells his products online at

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