Ski Celebrates 60th Birthday


It’s as much a part of Evansville as the east-west rivalry, brain sandwiches and football on Friday nights.
On Saturday, Ski, the drink, celebrated its 60th birthday.

Evansville was selected as one of three locations to host Ski’s birthday bash at the west side Wal-Mart. 

The iconic drink first came out in 1956. Through the years, the drink has gone through some changes, but fans have remained loyal.

“It’s very iconic you know. You think back, you know, how this brand has progressed through the years and all the people that have enjoyed it for so long,” said Courtnee Young, marketing assistant for Double-Cola, “So it’s very exciting to be able to be out here and, you know, give back to the people who give so much to us as well. We absolutely love our fans.”

The birthday bash had free Ski samples, Ski birthday cake and giveaways.

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